Welcome to the UN-Official webpage of the Amateur Radio Club of Augusta's Weekly UHF Net held every Tuesday night at 9:00PM on 444.95 MHz +5MHz Offset with a PL Tone of 71.9Hz.

Why unofficial?  The ARCA is in NO way responsible for the content on this website and while I try to be sure that the information that I have posted here is both accurate and current, the best source of official information will always be the
www.w4dv.org website!  I have placed their logo at the top of the page and have linked it to their website because the UHF Net is on their repeater, under their rules and guidelines.

I am very new to the Amateur Radio hobby myself but I am really trying to learn all that I can in order to do this well.  I had no idea that the capabilities of Amateur Radio were so diverse.  I thought the extent of the hobby was some guy sitting in his hamshack with a microphone or CW key and a set of headphones hoping that the atmospherics would be just right for him to get a weather report from Belgium - BOY was I WRONG!  I had no idea that RTTY, Data, Messaging, SSTV, DSTAR and so many other things could be done by ordinary HAMs!  I am learning and I know I have so much more to learn.

I invite EVERYONE to join in on the net.  Also those who have organizations that they work with that could always use the services of a few good amateur operators and want to give a presentation of sorts about your organization, I hope you will email me at km4efc@yahoo.com and I would love to have you tell everyone how they can get involved.  Also anyone who has any sort of expertise in any area of the hobby, or has amateur equipment for sale - or just something on your mind that relates to Amateur Radio or public service, please drop in!  A hobby is all about FUN!



James - KJ5J